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Axure RP Pro is a software development and interaction design tool for building wireframes, prototypes and interactive applications. Its intuitive interface with its own Cascading Style Sheet comes in handy for beginners and it can be used also as an app designer. Its powerful features support end users, builders and application developers to create interactivity in the wireframes. It also has more than 90 major mobile platforms to test and iterate the wireframe. It offers more than 50 high-level widgets for designing application interfaces. It has several export options and supports more than 30 file formats. It has more than 80 unique design sections for the timeline, heat map, timelines and storyboards. It has ability to convert wireframes into interactive projects. It offers many other UX features to simplify the design and delivery.Key Features:New Features to create interactive wireframes:• Use the new Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to allow HTML5 & CSS3 styling in your wireframes.• Import DXF or DWG files (.dwg)• Design UIs in HTML5 using reusable components, CSS, and javascript• Supports more than 100 vectors, images, and vector images.• Insert Arc Object: Any vector shape file in either DXF or DWG format.• Vertical Schedules:• Ability to view your projects in a vertical timeline.• Interact with different parts of timeline.• Separate your animation into individual stories• Supports native HTML5 canvas, browsers or mobile devices, as long as you’re running the latest version of Chrome.• Supports multiple pages, so you can create wireframes and UI prototypes for different pages of your application.• Supports JavaScript, GWT, Adobe Flex, HTML5, CSS3• Support for pre-production prototype features to show designers the flow of the application.• Allow the end user to test the wireframes with reduced effort.• Ability to build wireframes into prototypes, applications, and interactiveapplication builder.• Ability to interact between your wireframes and an App Builder directly from the wireframes.• Ability to communicate and deliver wireframes to your stakeholders, Pre-Production team, and Developers.• Export capabilities:• Exporting the project back to a DXF file.• Export your page as a static image of the web page.• Export your project to another project file format.• Export your project in HTML (web browser or App Builder).• 08929e5ed8

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